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The Land of Salvania is a combined art and storytelling project that describes a fantasy realm where rangers, princesses, trolls, orcs, wizards, and magical animals fill the cities and roam the land. 

Each piece of art is (or will be) associated with a short vignette.  Some are connected to each other, and some are floating free for now.  Read them as you will, in any order, and discover your own truth in them.

In the future, I would like this project to expand to provide a guest space for writers and artists with a stout heart to help me explore this strange land.  The old Norse said it best:

"I would rather walk with a friend in the dark than without one in the light."

About Salvania

Salvania is not too far from here.

Though some think its folk are queer,

I love them, every one, my dear.

Enjoy our land, and have no fear

(unless, of course, a troll is near).

About Mick

Mickey Kulp is a writer, artist, and father. 

He is not allowed to buy his own clothes.

You can follow his shenanigans at www -dot- MickeyKulp -dot- com.

Alexander Nakarada_NomadicSunset_CCBY4.mAlexander Nakarada (
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Music: “Nomadic Sunset” by Alexander Nakarada (

Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License (CC BY 4.0)



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